Recording a DAC tape

USB Phono Plus:

(1) I can record from vinyl records perfectly.
(2). When I connect either the Optical or Coax connectors from my DAT recorder, select LINE, there is no output, even at the headphone jack on the USB Phono Plus.
(3). If I bypass the USB Phone plus and connect the exact same cables using a cheap SPDIF to USB A receiver, I can successfully record. So, this excludes the cables as a source of the problem.

Any idea why this wouldn’t work with the USB Phono Plus? I am using the devices USB powered, recording to a MAC mini via USB A.

I would GUESS the USB Phono Plus is defective. :frowning:

Use that. :wink: It’s all-digital so the fact that’s it’s cheap shouldn’t affect the sound quality.

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Thanks. I have an obvious workaround. I was wondering if maybe the USB Phono Plus is implementing some digital rights block not found on the simple adapter. (The DAT tape is my own home recording).