Recording 5.1 Audio from a receiver

Hi there i need serious help

I bought this soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster Z SE Which Has Optical IN
SO i want to Record a 5.1 audio from my TV receiver which has Optical Out.

so When i connected optical cable from the receiver to my soundcard optical IN and when i tried to record audio inside audacity i can hear only hzzzzz noice with HIGH DB. can you tell me why? How i can record 5.1 audio?

PS: The TV receiver channel already providing a 5.1 audio out as the same cable i connected to my 5.1 audio system optical IN and sounds great in separate channels! So may i know what software i need to record this 5.1 audio in? do i need to use any other encoder ?

Kindly help :cry: :cry:

Any help pls :confused: :confused:

I don’t have a Sound Blaster Z SE, so I don’t know if its Optical spdif works with Audacity, but when using spdif it is usually necessary to ensure that the sample rate is the same for the device (in Windows Sound setting) and in Audacity (the “Project Rate”, near the bottom left corner of Audacity).

Also, to record 5.1 you will need to set the number of recording channels to 6 in the Device Toolbar.

There’s a good chance that it can’t decode Dolby or any of the surround-sound formats. :frowning:

Try [u]Listen To This Device[/u]. If it’s working and Windows is getting sound you should hear the sound through your computer speakers without running Audacity or any other application.

And, Audacity often “has trouble” recording multichannel. :frowning: Are you getting 6 channels of garbage or 2 channels of garbage?