Recording 2 mono channels


apologize if this question has been answered before, but I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer.

I switched from Mac to Fedora, and am not able to use ProTools any more. However, as I managed to find an adequate replacement for all the apps I used to use on the Mac side, I thought I might try out Audacity.

I want to record -as I am used - with my M-Box, and everything works fine with my setup on Fedora. However, I just can’ figure out how to record two mono channels with the two mics I connect to the M-Box. I need two mono tracks, as mic 1 is condenser, and mic 2 is dynamic - hence the need for individual control.

ProTools automatically creates 2 mono tracks to record into when told. Audacity seems to create new stereo track for recording when I hit the Record button, regardless of two mono tracks I previously created for recording (these get ignored). Same thing if I set to mono - I just get a mono track for recording, and the previously created two still get ignored.

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Fedora 25

Audacity 2.1.3-alpha-Nov 9 2016

installed via Terminal

I don’t know about recording live like that, but it’s easy to convert in post.

Drop-down menu to the left of the stereo track > Spit Stereo to Mono.

Scroll down or click the graphic.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 18.50.01.png

So, no way of doing the things the way I described?

Seems like I’d have to change the workflow, or try out Ardour.



no way of doing the things the way I described?

Not that I know of.

Seems like I’d have to change the workflow, or try out Ardour.

It seems that way, yes.


Audacity doesn’t require arming tracks, so Record always creates a new track.

A new stereo recording is left and right channel of a stereo pair, not two mono tracks.

Audacity does have Append Record into the end of the selected tracks (SHIFT + R or SHIFT-click the Record button). So try creating your two empty mono tracks, CTRL + A to select both tracks, then Append Record.

You might get half volume tracks where the maximum without clipping is +/- 0.5 instead of +/- 1.0. That depends on your equipment and is part of the same “stereo pair” limitation.


Thanks for the advice guys - a very supportive community, it seems.

I did some recording with one stereo track - at first hearing, it sounds pretty good.

How is your experience with splitting guys - straightforward clean job, or some surprise possible?

I’ll give a try later in the week with “append”, maybe that is an option, too.

Thanks again guys,

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Splitting stereo tracks is quick and easy.

Stereo tracks may be split as “Left” and “Right” channels, or as 2 “mono” channels.
As you want to split to two mono channels, ensure that you select the “Split Stereo to Mono” option (not “split stereo track”).
See here for more info:

Thanks, but when mentioning “surprise”, I was actually wondering about technical quality.

Splitting is not an extraction or filter. There is no loss.