recorded volume levels very different between input and output

win 11 0 22000 build 22000
Audacity 3.1.3
Teams ptin phone call
Blue Snowball desktop mike
Advantree DG80 usb audio dongle to AudioEngine speakers

when I playback the recorded call, the other person’s voice is much lower volume than mine.

I probably shouldn’t be complaining because recording of other person isn’t getting muddled with feedback from their voice from my AudioEngine speakers to my desktop mike.

Is the only solution to use a headset w mike?

(don’t want to use Teams to record)

even with Sennheiser headset w mike, the recording of the caller to me plays back on both Wavepaid and built in Windows mp3 player at much lower volume level than my voice.

Very clear but low volume.

any settings i can try changing in Audacity?

You probably need special software but I’m not sure what people are using now… By default, Windows only records from “one thing”.