Recorded playback is distorted, not live audio

In the past I have recorded cassettes to my pc via the mic in jack without problem, using Audacity as the sound editor. Then, after not doing it for awhile, I tried to restart again, but noticed that, while I am still able to hear and record the audio through Aud., the recorded portion (and only the recorded portion - not the live sound) is now distorted (like listening to audio underwater). Again, it’s only the recording upon playback that’s distorted, not the live audio coming through the sound card - that sounds fine. What could be the reason(s) for this?

On an odd side note - whether it’s relevant or not - I also can hear the live audio whether “software playthrough” is checked or unchecked. Shouldn’t I be unable to hear it if it’s unchecked? (and not recording at the same time)


*edit: Windows 7 Home Premium, Audacity 2.0.3, .exe installed

You are lucky, because the mic port is generally unsuitable for recording already-amplified sources. See

Yes that may happen if you use an unsuitable input. See if removing mic enhancements helps:

Perhaps you enabled “Listen to this device” for the mic in Windows Sound. Click the Recording tab of Windows Sound, right-click the mic device, choose Properties then the “Listen” tab.


I just purchased the Behringer ufo202, so hopefully that will clear up the recording issues. I think at this point I may have damaged the mic-in jack because of the double amp effect mentioned in the referenced articles, and now need to circumvent it, using USB for the time being, which the ufo202 will allow me to do (it also has the phono preamp, so I can transfer my LPs, which is nice).

The other issue of being able to hear a recording, even though “software playthrough” is unchecked, is still a mystery. I checked whether “listen to this device” was checked, but it was not. But I guess that’s a minor issue. Thank you for your feedback, Gale.