Recorded desktop audio poor despite no enhancement

How can I record desktop audio so that the playback will be the same as was heard?

recorded audio on my win10 pc sounds tinny or filtered. not certain it always did.

it also happens with pc built in screen recorder.

Things tried:

  • looking in settings to see if audio enhancement had gotten enabled somehow. its still off. spacial audio off too.

  • updated audacity ( had v2.3.2)

-went through the troubleshooter and searched posts

any tips on how it can be resolved?

There can be a second layer of audio enhancements, sometimes called MaxxAudio.

NB: recording enhancements are baked-in to the audio.
Switching off enhancements will not undo the damage done to existing recordings.

There can be recording & playback enhancements.
Both should be switched off for faithful recording & playback.

SOLVED yes thank you! there was indeed a soundcard side enhancement that was on!
Ofcourse took some fiddling for me to get to that.
I had to download a “pc package” for my outdated SBgo!pro.
The driver update just resulted in it not working so i reverted but one of the otherwise useless software packaged was the Audio control panel that contained the ability to turn of enhancements.

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