"Recorded audio was lost at the labeled locations."

Hello. New to the group. Novice Audacity user. I know the basics, enough for me to record some plain audio segments for my radio show. Been doing fine for 3 years. Last night, I get the error message in the photo:

Screenshot 2023-07-20 213328

This computer is one month old, and no other programs are running. Can anyone provide a little insight as to what my issue may be?

Thank you for your time.


Usually, just what is says. The main culprit is the internet. Browsers can bog your machine down. And network drives are killers. What speed are you recording at ?

You can try switching between MME and WASAPI.

That’s a good start but there are background processes & drivers and your operating system is ALWAYS multitasking, even when you’re running only one application.

When recording, the data flows smoothly into a buffer (like a long pipe or storage tank). When the operating system gets-around to, it the buffer is read and the data is written to your hard drive in a quick burst. If something is “hogging” the system and the buffer doesn’t get read in time, you get buffer overflow and a glitch/gap in your audio. The tricky thing is… Whatever is hogging the system doesn’t have to be using a lot of CPU cycles, it just has to hog it for a few milliseconds too long…

There is a FREE online book about optimizing your computer for audio called Glitch Free .

Switching to WASAPI took away the actual ‘pop up’ message for the error; but recording automatically stops after half a second. This came on all of a sudden and I can’t figure out why. Thank you for your note. Still working on this!

Recording could stop if you have Transport > Transport Options > Sound Activated Recording turned on.

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