record with an external microphone

Hello everyone,

I installed Audacity 2.1.0 on my portable Asus.
I use it in my home studio.
I cannot record any sound (voices) whe using an external mike.
I have followed the instructions. The external mike does not even appear in the “devices”.
The people from Asus say that it is not possible to record from an external microphone.
Do you have a solution?
Gilles (from Belgium)

You may need to enable the external microphone in Windows recording devices,
(Audacity can only record from enabled devices)

I cannot record any sound (voices) whe using an external mike.

What’s the external mic? Model numbers, makers?

If you’re trying to use an analog microphone or an unusual combination, maybe Asus is right. Analog sound services is right on the very bottom of the list of valuable services on an affordable machine.


What microphone? What kind of microphone?

There are USB microphones and analog “computer microphones”. There two kinds of analog computer-microphone connections. Some laptops have a separate headphone & microphone jacks and some have a single combo jack. If you have a mismatch you need an adapter. (Standard headphones will work with either one.)

Stage & studio mics are not compatible with regular soundcards or laptops. If you want to use a “good” analog microphone you need an audio interface with an XLR mic input. (Studio condenser mics require 48V phantom power, which is supplied by the interface, preamp, or mixer.)