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I record music from Spotify and the recorder in Audacity is not loud enough to playback

Are you complaining that Audacity doesn’t get a recording—that the blue waves are a straight line, or you do get a recording that won’t play back?


Sorry I did not quite understand your question so am re answering it. Yes it would appear I am not getting a recording as when I play back it is just the blue waves are a long blue line, Sorry for misunderstanding

Obviously we don’t condone recording from Spotify but if you want to do it, please see this Tutorial: .


Thank you for link seems some what complicated but I will try and digest it. May I put your mind at ease in using Spotify any music I record from it using Audacity is entirely for my own PERSONAL use as I still play music in my car on CDs which to some people is obsolete. Its the only way I know using Spotify/Audacity to get music onto my Laptop HD.

I recommend you read the Spotify user agreement: Terms and Conditions of Use - Spotify .


Thank you don’t think I am infringing any copyright laws

don’t think I am infringing any copyright laws

Listen off-line seems to be part of the paid subscription (attached). It’s not available in the free listening account.


As I understand it, Spotify no longer have a downloads store, and the “Listen offline” feature is cached playlists (DRM’ed, so cannot be used outside the Spotify app or saved as separate songs).


I have a paid suscription also am a 73 year old pensioner starting to feel like a music pirate with this onslaught

If you have a paid subscription then you are fully entitled to use the “Listen Offline” cached streaming feature. Feel free to ask Spotify if you need clarification about their license agreement.

We do have to protect our own interests that we don’t get served with takedown or post removal notices by copyright holders as a result of what Audacity can be used for. Also others who read this topic may want to read the links too.

If you need any more help recording computer playback I suggest you start a new topic and we’ll assist you there.