record voice with a music background like a podcast in Audacity

I want to record my voice with a music background like a podcast and a radio program. How can I do this work with Audacity?

There’s a tutorial in the manual about how to do this:

Thanks a lot

There’s a tutorial in the manual about how to do this

That’s how to do it over a long time totally in post production. I did it in real life like the radio people do it and probably how you were imagining it. But it wasn’t simple or cheap. Denise is on the East Coat and I’m on the West Coast. We connected with Skype.

This is an engineering test. The performance was first pass and was heavily cut later because the original went way too long with lots of mistakes.

The machine on the right was the Skype machine. It’s super difficult to manage Skype on one computer. The machine on the left is Music playback in iTunes and recording the show in Audacity. The mixer in the middle combines all the sounds into a “final” mix and produces Mix-Minus so Denise can listen to the music and my voice without hearing her voice with an echo.

If you don’t need Skype (everybody needs Skype) you can split off the machine on the right. But I don’t know any way of live mixing inside the machine. There might be. You immediately run into the problem that Audacity doesn’t play well with other sound programs.

You can cheat. Record the room with a stand-alone sound recorder and play the music to speakers while you talk. That does work if you have a quiet room. I used to record conferences that way.


WooooooW It was a great job, Kozikowski. I must do it right now. Thank you