record, unplug mic, plug mic in, record, crash

those steps result in Audacity crashing every time, both the line in and microphone jacks produce this crash, if you record using the microphone or line in on the sound card on Windows 7 or Vista then you unplug the microphone, then plug it back in and and select the jack options in the SigmaTel window that pops up and hit record in Audacity whether in the same window or new window = always crash

Win7 or Vista? How did you determine that?

because I had Vista, upgraded to 7 when it came out, happens on both. both use same driver on Manufacturers website

Thank you for the report. I moved this to the correct Windows board.

Is only Audacity crashing or is the entire computer crashing?

From where did you obtain drivers for the SigmaTel sound device?

What exact three-section version of Audacity are you using? Please look at Help > About Audacity.

In the Audacity version you are using, what exact jack options do you select in the pop up window?

If after the jack pop up, you choose Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in Audacity, and then hit Record, is there a crash?

Please download the release candidate for 2.0.5 if you have not done so already ( ) . In that release candidate, if you disconnect and reconnect the microphone, select the jack pop up, then record without rescanning audio devices, is there a crash?


Is that the manufacturer of the computer or the manufacturer of the motherboard?

Is that driver intended for both Windows Vista and Windows 7?


its Audacity 2.0.4 and all previous releases that crash, not computer. I set jack options to “line in” when recording from my Android phone and other devices via the jack. Got SigmaTel driver from Dell website. issue does not occur with USB microphones

So have you tried Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in 2.0.4?

Can you try 2.0.5?

What you are describing would not usually crash, but might give “error opening sound device” (I would expect a USB device might give that error if you pull it and reconnect it).

You did not say what choices you made in the Realtek pop up. Usually such a pop up doesn’t give you any choices.


no, it’s an actual crash not an error, “Audacity Has Stopped Working” SigmaTel gives the the option to select Microphone or Line In under Jack options. it is not RealTek it is SigmaTel and those are the only two in jack options

Sorry, SigmaTel was a mistake. Realtek devices usually just show a balloon hover tooltip to show that you have connected a cable.

So you are one of the lucky users where you have a real choice of microphone or line in from one input. Many single inputs these days are a “compatible” input which auto detects a stereo line level plug but the stereo is usually not very good quality.

We can’t do anything about the crash in 2.0.4 because 2.0.5 will be our next version. If you stay with 2.0.4, all I can suggest (as before) is that you try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices after changing the input.