Record two or more instruments simultaneously in Audacity

Hello friends!

I understand that this topic may have already been discussed, but I haven’t found any posts yet.

I have a soundboard that is also an interface, brand BEHRINGER model XENXY X1222USB.

Well, I would like to know how to perform (if possible) in Audacity, a recording of a vocal, guitar, keyboard and guitar all at the same time that is, select the four tracks and they receive the audio signals of each instrument all at the same time time without having to keep recording one at a time?

If so, would you be able to explain and teach me how to perform the procedure?

If not, could you indicate another interface (physical/virtual) or any resource that would be possible to carry out this work?

Thank you in advance!

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The Xenyx mixers have a stereo (2 channel) USB interface.
To record two sources (microphones / instruments) on separate tracks, pan one all the way to the left, and the other all the way to the right. Record in stereo, then from the track’s dropdown menu, split the track to two mono tracks.

You can’t record more than 2 sources separately with the Xenyx mixers because their interface only has 2 channels.

Hello Steve!

Thanks for the teaching, I did as you wrote and everything worked…
My table has 10 input channels, but
from what I understand with your explanations, even though I have another more professional interface with several inputs, even so Audacity does not have the resource for recording several tracks at the same time, am I right?


Count the sound meters on the mixer. As a fuzzy rule the number of meters gives you the number of discrete output channels.

You can get Audacity to record more than two channels with special software or drivers—or mixers, but I think it’s still true that it will never play more than stereo (2 tracks).

So your dream of mixing a show down to 5.1 Surround will need to wait for better everything. Software, interfaces, mixers.


No, that’s not right.
Audacity can record as many channels as are available from the selected recording device. The Behringer Xenyx mixers provide 2 channels via their built-in USB, so Audacity is limited by the Xenyx to 2 recording channels.

What interface is that? How is your Xenyx mixer connected to it?