Record to computer from stand alone record player

I have a Mac OS X version 10.6.8 and I’m working with an Audacity 2.x. I have a large number of old 78 rpm records which I wish to transfer to CD s. The turntable has RCA female plugs which go out to Right and Left mag tape and Right and Left Aux. My computer has an input connection for what could be a 1/8 stereo jack. I have a cable which might adapt to both entities. Would I be safe in hooking them together ? I probably can read the output voltage at the record player. What should it read for good audio reproduction? Is RIAA a consideration?


Sounds like an interesting turntable. “Female” (!) RCA jacks? I’m curious to know the make and model. Is it a 78 RPM turntable? What kind of cartridge does it have?

The 1/8" input jack on a Mac is line level.

Can you hook the turntable up to the AUX input of a stereo? If you get reasonable levels and reasonable sound then hooking the turntable to the Mac should work.
If the turntable is very old, and especially if it uses tubes (valves) and has a 2-prong non-polarized mains (AC) plug, measure the AC voltage between the shield (outside) of the RCA jacks on the turntable and the shield of the RCA plugs on the 1/8" to stereo cable when that cable it plugged into the Mac. You may also want to do this test before connecting the turntable to a stereo amp.

RIAA playback equalization may or may not be an issue depending on the result of the above test.
This page in the manual may help you with your project:

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Sorry I’m so slow in responding. Was busy.

I’m afraid I did not provide adequate information. Accept the fact that I’m a novice plus that I am well into my senior years.

What I’m dealing with an HP-610A Sony multi speed muti platter size stereo record player with the usual AM/FM capability. I also have two needles, one for 78 rpm and one for microgroove. Yes the output jacks are female. This unit has preamp and amplifier built in. Right now the rig is in the shop getting a tune up. When I get it back I intend to use it to record old platters to my computer hard drive and then to DVD. Is there a more permanent storage device to consider?

I do not have more than a meager knowledge regarding the electronics of audio. I would appreciate some simplistic help in getting started. For example: I wish to clean up the noise existing; I would like advice on how to have these very old records sound either old and tinney or close to today’s state of the art.


Model numbers are good - I see now what you’ve got.

You want to go from the REC OUT jacks on the back of the unit into the line input on your Mac. That should work fine. The unit is obviously solid state and since you’re getting it serviced there should be no problem.

So you have separate stylii or is it the “flip-over” style?

Have a look at these tutorials:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD

and this thread on the forum:

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