Record Telephone conference call?

I am new. Is there a way to record a telephone conference call directly and so I can edit and /or post to webpage as mp3?

Do you have the hardware to record a telephone conference call?

Just thinking about this. Our Polycom videoconferencing machines will allow us to record both sides of the conversation as well as the video from the far end. This has been very valuable when someone is giving us directions from many time zones away and nobody can write that fast.

The cheap way out if you’re on a PC is to plug a microphone in and lay it half-way between the speakerphone unit and the local people talking.

Unless your speakerphone system has a “Mix Output,” you’re pretty much dead. I would try adding one more conferencing node that never talks and use that to recover the sound. That will have all sides of the conversation on it. Say add one more speakerphone in the office down the hall and put pillows over it so it doesn’t pick up air conditioner noise.


If your Input drop-down list shows “Phone Line”, as mine does, would plugging a “Y” forked line from your phone line into your computer modem then work to hear all parties?? Not sure, haven’t tried anything like that, so if it’s a dumb suggestion, sorry.