Record Skype (or other VOIP) using Audacity and Linux Mint?

Hi folks,

I’d like to do an interview for my new podcast using Skype. Is it possible to record this interview using Audacity? I’ve searched for solutions but can’t find any online. Then again, I don’t see much online about recording interviews for podcasts using Linux Mint.

If you know of any good resources that explain this, or have any suggestions on alternate ways to do this, would you please share them?

I use Linux Mint and Audacity v.2.2.1, which I downloaded from the Software Manager.


There’s nothing magic about doing it in Audacity. Under some conditions, Skype will record calls on its own servers.



I tied Skype Call Recorder but it stopped working in 2017 when Skype updated its API.

I will definitely try the built-in recorder that you linked. My understanding was that it recorded both sides as a single track - I want two separate tracks for ease of editing - but I could be off on that. I’ll test and find out!

Thanks for the response. And if anyone reads this and has other suggestions, keep them coming. I’d be interested to know what other options are out there.

Using Elementary Linux 5.1.2 Hera (Ubuntu based).

Has anyone found a solution for this since 2017 when skype call recorder app stopped working?

Without having a dedicated install with outdated software the only way I can think is to use cable splitters and adaptors to loop stuff between my USB audio interface into the headphone/mic jack so can listen to the other skype caller and monitor my own audio at the same time.

I found that Zoom allows you to record separate tracks for each person, which is quite handy to process later on. But the audio is 32kHz compressed.
Zencastr free allows you to record separate tracks in 44.1kHz, compressed, and the paid version allows recording WAV files. Both are locally recorded, which frees you from the internet instability problems but requires interviewees quite knowledgeable in computers, using Chrome browsers. Zencastr alone does not have video capabilities.
Skype (and MS Teams) recordings are 16kHz - a deal-breaker for me.

If you use Jack Audio System, you can route the signals to get both your mic and the voice of the other person.

There is also a way to do it with PulseAudio (the default sound server), though I don’t recall exactly how to do that. If I can find my notes I’ll post them.

I’ve just tested this, but unfortunately Skype is too buggy and fails to work with either Jack or “pulseaudio-module-jack”.

It IS possible to record Skype with Audacity on Linux by routing with PulseAudio. This works very well but is rather difficult to set up.

As and when I have time, I’m now working on a Python program to record Skype (or any other VOIP application) on Linux. If any Python / tkinter developers want to help, let me know by replying here.