Record SiriusXM & streaming concerts/broadcasts on an M1 MacBook Pro

Can Audacity record from their dedicated streaming apps, or from their websites streaming links?
Exactly how is this done, please include Settings, configurations, workflow, and highest quality file format to save to (apple lossless, wav, aiff, or a smaller HQ format). all sugg’s welcome. Thanks.

To record audio playing on the computer you need a system add-on. Blackhole is the latest and, as far as I know, the only one that is currently supported. There was Soundflower and iShowU Audio Capture but I believe they are now unsupported, especially for Ventura.

Blackhole has a set of instructions for setting it up with Audacity.

Note that Blackhole is donationware.

Once you’ve captured the audio into Audacity you can export in any format you wish. WAV and AIF are lossless, high quality and big. MP3 may be good enough depending on the quality of the original audio (most streaming is MP3 to begin with)

Doesn’t recording mp3 streams in mp3 format, downgrade the sound horribly? Wouldn’t you want to record mp3 streams in Apple Lossless at the minimum, to preserve every nuance of what is contained in that mp3 file?

made my donation to blackhole, byut the 2 channel install on a new m1 macbook pro, keeps failing! Any ideas? I
m not getting answers from devon, just duplicate email replies with the same mac installer link, …to then choose 2, 16 or 64 channel versions… your help would be appreciated.

using ventura 13.3.1

I don’t use Blackhole, I just know that it exists.

Please advise of how audacity is configured with 2 channel BLACKHOLE to record streaming asirius & audio? No one has answered this yet.

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