Record program not reacting to external usb mic settings

The record program doesn’t seem to do anything when set to external usb mic. The computer picks up/senses the mike and even reacts when unplugged. But the program doesn’t seem to react or record on usb mic setting? It seems to record off the computer mic. Also having issues getting recorded sound to a bluetooth speaker but it keeps defaulting to computer speakers.

Computers, software? Audacity 3.0

Plug in the USB microphone and make sure all the right lights come on. Start or restart Audacity. Make sure the microphone’s digital name shows up in the little recording window. It may not say a company name, but instead might say USB Audio CODEC.

Click once in the recording meters > Start Monitoring. If you talk into the microphone, does the sound meter jump?

Which microphone?


It’s an Element mic em-91cu

The sound moves on monitor but the computer mic can pick alot too.

Thanks for reply