Record only microphone not game sound

Hi guys, so i downloaded your software and its really awesome but i have 1 problem, is there any option to disable recording windows and only record what im speaking? I tried to find but i couldnt. Thanks ! :smiley:

That should be the default. Recording what Windows is playing is a special setting.

Set up everything you’re going to be using, microphone, interface, etc, and only then start Audacity. Look at the Audacity device toolbar and switch to your device.

Click once in the recording sound meters and they should bounce to your voice or whatever your show is.

Let us know where you get stuck. Better still, leave details exactly what you’re doing. Include model numbers. Recording your voice for audiobooks?


Hey im not sure did i explain right, so im recording game and in game sound with OBS but i want to record microphone with audacity because quality is better like 10 time, but its recording in game sound too, i dont want that. I want to record only my voice, and with obs to record in game sound and gameplay ! Because if i record with both in game sound it sounds really wierd !

im recording game

That’s important. Audacity doesn’t do too well with computers running two or more sound programs at once. Games and Skype both have troubles with Audacity. If you’re doing a multi-user game, it’s even worse. We used to recommend Fraps, but Fraps had troubles with Windows 10 support.

Maybe you can do something with Voicemeeter.

Voicemeeter can set up its own sound pathways inside your machine.

Do you have an iPhone? You can use MusicMemo or GarageBand to record your voice in decent quality and it has no interference with other programs.


Thanks for replay, i will try program and with iphone but i have no idea how to send it from iphone to pc xD

from iphone to pc

That’s where I ran into problems. You can get iTunes for Win10. You have been able to get iTunes for Windows forever. It took them a bit to get a version stable with Win10, but the suggestion is that it works.

Connect the iPhone to Windows. This is how my sister used to back up and manage her iPhone (before I bought her a Mac). There is a pathway to pull the work over in iTunes. After you do that, you can pull the track out and beat it up in Audacity just like any other non-restricted track. If you’re game, I’ll look up how I did it. This may be the only convenient way. I don’t think you’re going to be able to force this system to work the way you want—with everything in Windows.

They say, without laughing once, you can email the tracks to yourself. My email poops out at 25MB. What’s that, four minutes of WAV? You are warned against trying to do sound production in MP3. MP3 causes sound damage and it gets worse as you go. Once the sound gets MP3 trashed, that’s it.

Google yourself silly, but what you want to do is a very common complaint.

Jury’s out on Garage Band, but Music Memo will cheerfully produce a good quality uncompressed WAV (designed for music) which will slide right into Audacity. As an experiment, I announced a short story into this…

…and with a few easy volume control effects, got an AudioBook-type sound track. It still has lip-smacking problems and that, but the basic quality was probably much better than what you’re doing. You probably have VoiceMemo under Extras. Forget it. Voice Memo is designed for surveillance sound and has cellphone quality problems. Music Memo is a free download and I was shocked they just turned all the corrections off and said, “Here’s the raw microphone, have at it.”

The desperation method is play your track after you’re done and jack your iPhone into your PC. That’s how I got my first track out of the iPod and that works, too. You’re going to get killed if your PC doesn’t have stereo Line-In or an “audio in” you can adjust. Then you’re back to iTunes.

These machines are designed for business and corporate services, not games and not entertainment production.

The tripod and clip aren’t that expensive and you can mount the phone right next to the corner of your mouth, so you can get good quality sound and still see what you’re doing. You can do it with clothesline and a coat stand. If you sit it on the table, it’s going to be low volume and pick up table noises.


OK That’s a wave-off. I forgot the iPhone is going to send the files over as Core Audio Files, not WAV. I don’t think we ever figured out a good way to convert in Windows.



hahahahha all cool, gereat story:D

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It depends what audio format is in the CAF container. CAF containing PCM, U-Law or A-Law should import into Audacity OK. If the CAF contains AAC audio, Audacity should import it if you install FFmpeg.


I guess it’s worth the research. The goal is music recording with minimal distortion. MusicMemo turns off all the voice processing and tools. It would be surprising if they produced files with intentional distortion.