Record on new track combined with Sound Activated Recording

Been trying to record some audio from a long playlist of sounds. Audacity almost have all the features in place to automate this to a high degree.

It would be cool if the “Sound Activated Recording” had the option to automatically record on new tracks after pauses of silence.

An option to “Record on a new track” after the “Sound Activated Recording” starts to record again after a pause (like between two tracks in a playlist), would allow for neatly stacking a bunch of tracks that could be exported all in one go by “Export Multiple” with “Split files based on” “Tracks” ticked.

This would be so handy! (Unless there are other ways to do this I’m not aware of).


You could record the entire thing (without sound activated recording, as that tends to clip a bit off the start after each pause).
Then use “Label Sounds” to add region labels around everything that is not silence.
Then “Export Multiple”.