Record New Track (Shift + R) Not Working

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Audacity and I’m trying to record over an already existing track. I can record a new recording in an empty project but once I try and add a new recording using Shift+R nothing happens…a new track is created but that’s it. Originally I got an error about track latency which I fixed by going to Edit> Preferences> Devices and changed the Track Shift After Record to 0mm under Latency. That stopped the error message but nothing else.

Can anyone help? I’m using version 2.2.2 on a Chromebook (using Linux apps option).



Does Linux support on Chromebook support duplex audio? (“duplex” = bidirectional at the same time)

HI Steve

Actually figured it out in the end. Just needed to change the speaker to “samplerate” (see screenshot)… whatever that means
Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 20.47.07.png

Well done figuring that out.
What that means is that there is something seriously weird about the sound system for Linux apps on Chromebook. (It doesn’t actually make sense, but if it works, use it).

:confused: That’s concerning… but ah well… at least it’s working as you say