Record multiple tracks simultaneously.

Hello everyone!

Could you please explain to me how I can record several tracks at the same time and what type of external equipment should I have?
Or if you can, tell me where in the manual you would be explaining this procedure.

For example: I want to record a project with a vocal, guitar, keyboard and electric bass (4 instructions) all at the same time.
I know that Audacity is capable of doing this job, but I still haven’t found the way step by step.

Thank you very much.


It all comes down to having a multi-channel sound card / audio device (with more than 2 input channels), and the necessary device drivers.
On Windows, the device drivers are frequently the problem. Windows drivers are often 2 channels only, and Audacity cannot ship with ASIO drivers due to licensing problems.

IF you have a multi-channel sound card AND Windows (WDM) drivers for the device that support multiple channels, then it’s simply a matter of selecting the number of channels that you wish to record in the Device Toolbar.

There is some information, provided by Audacity users, about multi-channel sound cards / audio devices here:


It is very easy. All you need is an audio interface. If you need step-by-step instructions then visit this [advertising removed] website. I am sure they have posted some detailed articles about recording multiple tracks simultaneously on audacity.

As Steve mentioned, the key to multi-channel recording is to find a single device that (a) has multiple inputs and can output them separately and simultaneously to the USB bus, and (b) has a multi-channel driver compatible with Windows MME or Windows WASAPI. Some multi-channel devices only provide Windows ASIO drivers which are only indirectly compatible with Audacity, and are thus not suitable for most users.

For general information on multi-channel recording with Audacity, see here: Multi-channel Recording

For detailed 3rd-party step-by-step tutorials you can check out these videos:
Multi Track Recording in Audacity for Podcasts
RODECASTER PRO Multitrack recording in Audacity

Disclaimer: Just because a video shows a device working on one operating system does not imply that it will work on the other.

Be sure to check out Steve’s link, above, for compatible devices.

And if you happen to encounter additional multi-channel audacity videos, please share.

Thank you for the information. Are there any YouTube videos on this topic, or does Audacity have official YT channel?

There is no official YouTube channel at present.
There are likely to be some official video tutorials in the future, but that will take time.

We do not recommend the Audacity tutorials that are currently on YouTube as most of them are using old / obsolete versions of Audacity, many have errors, some are factually incorrect, and many give bad advice. The only way that you would know which are the good ones and which are the bad, are if you already know how to do the thing that the tutorial is about - in which case you don’t need the tutorial.

Thank you Steve

oh it would be great if audacity would create videos like that to explain how to do this or that…
anyway, thanks guys, for these questions and answers. you make my life easier))