record : level trouble

first, excuse my english, I’m French and don’t speak very well.
So, I have a problem with audacity (2.2.2, with windows 7). When I want to record my guitar (I have Irig Acoustic for folk, and an ampli for electric, I connect both in USB), the level is very low. I check in internet to found a solution but even if I try everything… problem still here.

I show you the sound wave…
Thank you by advance for help !

Apparently not an Audacity problem …
irig low volume.png

I’m not familiar with this hardware. Is there a volume control knob?

Does it go higher if you strum a hard-loud chord? If you can get the peaks to -6dB (50 %), that’s about right. You generally want to leave some headroom while recording and you can boost after recording.

Is the quality OK if you use the Audacity Amplify effect after recording?

This could be intentional, especially if there is no volume/gain control. Some guitars are louder than others and some electric guitar pickups are “hotter” than others. You don’t* want [u]clipping[/u] and digital recording gives you lots of dynamic range (so you don’t have to record at a high level) so the safest thing is to record at a lower level. When there is no gain control and the interface manufacturer doesn’t know what guitar you are using and they don’t know your playing style, they need to keep the gain low to handle all situations without clipping.


  • Sometimes electric guitar players like some clipping/distortion but usually you don’t want to clip your ADC while recording.

I send a ticket to IK Mutimedia

DVDdoug, yes when I use Amplify effect the quality is ok but only with my acoustic guitar. I try with my electric, and the signal is very very bad :frowning: