Record level.... much distortion

I have Audacity 3.4.2. As far as I know this is the latest version. I cannot set the record level. (Is it called amplitude) Most of my recording is from old LP records wired into my computer. The record level is way too high. Severe clipping results. It’s unlistenable. When I do an internet or YouTube search, I’m told to adjust the record level lower. I don’t seem to see a record level adjustment on my version of Audacity. I keep trying to find the missing record level toolbar. Can’t find it. Is it hiding somewhere?

Tell us more about your setup. How is the turntable connected to the computer, etc.?

I’m going to guess you have a laptop and you are using the microphone input? That won’t work.

Line (blue) on a regular soundcard usually works, but you need a line-output or headphone-output from your stereo or preamp.

A line level signal (“tape out” from a stereo, etc.) is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal. Plus, the mic input is usually mono.

It’s built-into the the recording level meter (almost transparent) but depending on the hardware it may not work or it may not go low enough.

Thanks for your reply, DVDdoug. I do have the stereo hard wired from the earphone output of the amp into the earphone input of the desktop computer. When I play a record on the turntable which is plugged into the amp, the record level is way too high. There is no way in the Audacity software to turn down the record level. When I search the internet, I am told that there should be a record level toolbar, which there ISN’T. I can get the record level in a useable range by turning the volume on the amp all the way down.
This is a new problem, by the way. I have used Audacity for years and this was never an issue. Not sure why, but record level always seemed to be OK.

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Maker sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF. Sometimes Windows tries to help with automatic volume control, noise reduction, and who-knows-what, and it can really foul-up the sound.

There is no “earphone input” but the line-input (normally color coded blue) should work.

Sometimes the inputs/outputs are configurable and Windows will pop-up *"*What did you plug-in?", or your soundcard may have a configuration utility. If it’s configured as a mic input you’ll overload it and if it’s configured as an output it won’t work.

Here it’s the little rectangle between -12 and 18dB. (The recording level control is normally inactive with USB audio devices but it should work with your built-in soundcard.)

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