Record in mono using input 2 on interface

I recently got a Scarlett Solo 4th gen interface. On this interface, the instrument input is #1 and the xlr input is #2. I want to know if there is a way to select the 2nd input while making a mono recording. I’m able to do this in garageband, but audacity is my DAW of choice for voiceover work.

Since the inputs were reversed on my gen 3 scarlett, this was never an issue.

I’m a Windows user, but yes, normally you can record in mono.

It will be a mix of the silent and non-silent channel. Assuming it’s the same on a Mac and a Windows machine the signal will be cut in half so with one channel unused it will max-out at -6dB. But you can still trust the clipping indicators on the interface.

I think Focusrite supplies some configuration software and there might be some mono-stereo-mix settings in that utility.

…Most DAWs record multiple “mono” tracks that you can pan left-to-right but Audacity is a little different.

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