Record guitar to PC in stereo

Hello, first post. I’m running windows XP sp3. Audacity 1.2.6
Recording guitar to Audacity. Can only record in mono.
I am using a stereo adapter going into the PC. Is their a way to record guitar to Audacity in stereo?
Audacity is set to stereo.
Thanks for any help.

Answered my own question. Click edit, click duplicate. In audio track click split stereo track.
delete non track side on both split tracks. Click audio track and choose make stereo track.
Problem solved. Maybe someone else can use this.

A real quick way (works in Audacity 1.3, not tested in 1.2)

  1. select track and Ctrl+D (duplicate)
  2. click on name of the upper track and select “make stereo track”.

Another way (may work in Audacity 1.2 if the above method does not):

  1. Create an empty stereo track
  2. Select the mono guitar track and the (empty) stereo track.
  3. Mix the two tracks

[Edit] Just realised why you had the extra steps - you were starting with a stereo track which had only recorded on one channel. You can save time (and improve performance) when recording mono sound sources if you set the preferences to record mono.

Thanks that would be easier just to record in mono, since my fender deville only records in mono.
I have a karaoke that I can play my guitar in stereo but I just wanted to hear what my deville sounded like going on my pc.
And I was making a accompaniment sound track to jam with.

What’s the diference, guitar is mono, unless you are connecting your guitar to the amp, then recording it with a stereo microphone, the input will be mono.

Are we solving, in extensive software and track management, a problem that could have been solved with a simple “Y” cable between the guitar and the computer?