Record Guitar and Backing Track at the same time

Windows 10 Audacity 3.1.3

What I am trying to do is to record a youtube backing track while playing and recording my guitar. I am using a Fender Mustang LT25 amp connected to my laptop via USB. I can select the Mustang and hear and record the guitar but I cannot find a way to record the backing track at the same time. I recorded a portion of a backing track, created a loop and that kind of works but the looped portion only plays once - no looping.

This is just for practicing. My current setup is to run my laptop headphone port into the aux port on the amp, that way I can listen to the backing track while playing and listening through the headphone jack on the amp. Strangely (at least to me) is that when I play my guitar into Audacity only the guitar comes through, the backing track (even though it is playing through the amp) doesn’t come through. If it did come through that would solve all my problems because that is all I want to do.

I can connect the guitar to the main track and then do a shift-record to get a second track but there is no way (that I can see) to have a different source for each track. So that is where I am stuck at this point.

That is correct. Audacity will only record from one source at a time. :frowning:

What you need is some kind of mixer - and it sounds as though you have one in your guitar map. I would think that would work. :wink:

I think you’re trying to jam too many tasks into one recording. As Jademan above, Audacity will only record reliably from one thing.

I think you should make an actual backing track. A complete, looped, matched, and processed rhythm/backing track and then set up for Overdubbing where you play to it. If you have talented external audio devices, you should be able to do “Perfect Overdubbing” where you hear yourself in perfect theatrical mix with the backing track while you perform.

Don’t fall in love with listening to the computer for that. Because of sound pathway restrictions and delays, you have to make the headphone mix in an external “thing” such as microphone, interface, or mixer.

The G-Track is a terrific microphone in all regards but one. It’s not mine. I borrowed it for the picture.

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 6.36.29 PM.png


Thanks for the info guys. I’ll take your advice and keep plugging away at it.

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