Record from Tape Player

I have an ACER desktop running Windows 8.1. My desktop does not have audio or line-in only USB. I have a portable tape player that has only a headphone jack. I connect the headphone jack to a Dazzle DVC 100 which has a USB on the output end that I connect to the USB port on the computer. When I run Audacity it recognizes the DVC 100 but the monotoring does not work and record does nothing. What must I do to be able to use this setup?


I deleted your email address. It’s dangerous to put that on the forum.

The Dazzle is a video digitizer, isn’t it? So you are creating a video file with no video. Some digitizers will allow you to do that. Some produce digital trash. If you use the Dazzle software to capture a video and save it, chances are good that Audacity (with some software help) will be able to open it.

Let us know.

I use the Behringer UCA202 audio-only digitizer.

It can be captured directly into Audacity.


I don’t know anything about the Dazzle but most video capture devices work best with the manufacturer-supplied software.

And, the device is creating a compressed Audio/Video stream (possibly with black or blank video) and Audacity (or any “standard” audio recording software) won’t know what to do with that stream because of both factors… It’s compressed and it contains video.

Audacity can open the audio part of an audio/video file, and with the optional FFMPEG import/export library it can de-compress most compressed audio file formats.