Record from sound card - 4 channels


Is it possible to record from a 4 channel sound card (4 microphones) at the same time? It does not work for me.


To record 4 channels at the same time, with Audacity, on Windows, you need one of the following:

  1. A 4 channel audio device with WDM drivers that support 4 channel recording.
  2. A “virtual audio device” that enables you to stream 4 channels from the audio device and provide a single, 4-channel device for Audacity to record from,
  3. Build Audacity from the source code with Steinberg’s ASIO SDK, and then use a 4 channel sound card with multi-channel ASIO drivers.

The first option is preferable by a long way as the other two are rather complicated.

Failing that, if you have a 4 channel sound card that only works as a multi-channel device when using ASIO, you could do the raw recording in another program (such as Reaper), and then use Audacity to edit the recording.

I get the signal in from all 4 microphones (to my PC). But I can only manage to get two microphones to work in audacity. I try to add two more tracks in Audacity, with no success…

Is the device set for 4 channel recording in the Windows Sound Control Panel?
Did you select 4 channel recording in the device toolbar?

The device is set (it looks similar to image shown). I am not able to select 4 channels in Audacity. I only get 2 alternatives. (mono or stereo-recording). Somehow Audacity does not recognize all 4 channels…

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I try again to attach the file…
bild ljud.jpg

Click on the “Properties” button (Egenskaper), then switch to the “Advanced” tab.
In this image you can see that my sound card is set for recording 2 channels. You need to set yours for 4 channels.