Record from multiple microphones simultaneously

I want to record multiple sounds coming from multiple small microphones connected to a audio jack cables. Any idea how can I transfer lets say 10 microphone jack 3.5 cables into my PC and if Audacity can recognize that from one single input actually I`m passing 10 microphone inputs so that it can record them all together at the same time ?

Please give me your thoughts and suggestions on that.

You can get a USB mixer or audio interface.

These work with “pro” statec/studio mics with balanced XLR connectors. They do NOT work with “computer mics”.

Most USB mixers send a stereo mix to the computer but some can multitrack reccord.

Interfaces don’t mix and you generally need DAW software to record more than 2-channels simultaneously

Thank you for your reply. Do you have any suggestions for a DAW software? Are there any free versions out there?

Any ideas if I can create a DIY 10-1 audio jack mixer for PC?


I’m going with no. Anybody can record a single microphone and even stereo (two channel) because most computers come out of the box ready for that.

The jump to three sound channels puts you in the Professional World. Audacity can be set up to record multi channel (over 2), but it can’t play them back.

You seem to want to do this for zero dollars and zero cents and I think there’s zero chance of doing that.


What’s the show? Do you need to record real time of day along with the sounds?


Hey kozikowski,

Thanks for your response. I want to record 10 sounds at the same time coming from 10 different sources for few seconds. I don’t really need the time as variable as long as the signals are recorded simultaneously.

The problem here is how to transfer 10 signals coming from 10 jacks which they have attached on them 10 small microphones, into my PC for processing.

That is absolutely correct. That is the problem. As up the post, getting a computer to record three or more microphones can be challenging.

There is a Desperation Method. Line up ten phones each recording one sound channel. Transfer them all (iPhones call them “Voice Memos”) to Audacity and use the time shifting tools to push them all together. I can’t think of a good way to auto sync, but still. That’s better than what you have now.

No clue on what the actual show is, right?


Line up five computers each recording two-channel stereo?


There is a sync solution, too. Are the microphones close enough together so you can yell “SYNC” and clap your hands? That’s how classic movie cameras and the sound people sync their performances. That’s the clap board.

The picture people are watching the board and the sound people are listening for the “Bang.”

This would be a little easier if we knew what the show was.


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