Record from Microphone and Stereo Mix [SOLVED]

I’m finding it impossible to record off of both the microphone and stereo mix simultaneously on Windows 7. I have followed multiple tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere (like this one, for instance:

I go into the Recording Devices > Microphone > Properties > Listen to This Device > Enable. This successfully results in the microphone input coming out from the speakers. However, Audacity always results in the same message, no matter what:

“Error while opening sound device. Please check the recording device settings and the project sampling rate.”

I’ve set everything I can find to 48000 Hz. But I still get the error message.

Thanks so much for any ideas.

Why do you want to do that? If you are recording commentary on game audio, try Fraps.

Or use VoiceMeeter to capture multiple sources then set Audacity to record from VoiceMeeter. See

Which recording device are you choosing in Audacity’s Device Toolbar or Preferences? You should choose either stereo mix (MME host may work best), or choose Windows WASAPI host then the (loopback) recording device for whatever device you selected as playback device.

I don’t agree with HTG that it is necessarily OK to have unmatched sample rates, especially if using MME host. So if you want to use MME and stereo mix, try Audacity project rate (bottom left) at 44100 Hz, then set Windows Default Format for a) stereo mix, b) the mic and c) whatever your playback device is to 44100 Hz in all three places.

Then restart Audacity.


Thanks a lot, Gale.

Syncing up all of the Hz on the channels still didn’t allow Audacity to record both. But downloading Voicemeeter finally solved it.