New user, new Audacity download, trying to input some old LPs into computer. Using Dell laptop with XP and turntable connected to amplifier, amplifier connected to PC thru Tape Output jacks to line-in (headphone) jack on PC. Set Audacity to MME, Tel Audio and Tel Audio line in, Stereo input. Checked and re-checked connections.
When I begin recording, VU meter slider for input (mic) seems to work ok, output slider has no visible effect. When I select Start Monitoring on the input level meter, monitoring does NOT begin. The audio track ( 44100HZ, 32 bit float) waveform DB, registers very slight waveform along the 0.0 line. When I stop recording and begin playback I hear only some line noise or hiss.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

This is not internally consistent. Either you are connecting your amp to a line-in jack or a headphone out jack. Unfortunately, in all probability it is the latter as you likely have no line-in on your (internal?) soundcard, and will need to find an alternative solution

Would the mic jack on the PC work as line-in? The tutorial warned against using it as it might cause soundcard damage. Any other alternatives other than a new PC?

You would get something but it wouldn’t really be useable.

There are many, many alternatives for external soundcards covering a wide price range.

The Audacity crew tend to recommend the Behringer UCA202 on the budget side, but if you were intending to go in that direction I would be inclined get the Behringer 302USB mini-mixer, which I feel gives you a lot more flexibility for only a little more money.

Thanks very much!! Amazon has the 302B for $50. Definitely worth it to me to be able to get LPs into the computer.