Record from Internet audio files

I am very new to this forum but have been using Audacity for a while in a very basic way.

I am now using my Macbook Air with Yosemite and have been trying to figure out how to input into Audacity audio from the Internet. On my old Macbook Pro I used to jump the microphone input and the headphone output and simple start Audacity recording.

However, the Macbook Air has only an output for headphones and no input.

I was hoping for an internal electronic switch that I could select in Audacity that would connect the output of the Mac to the input of Audacity. I read the recommendation about Flowersound and attempted to load it, but aside from the three adds that attempted to insert themselves into my laptop, the file never allowed me to change the input and outputs in Audacity to make recording possible, even if I went to the System Preferences and opening the Sound App.

I would prefer to not return to my Pro with a jumper. If there is a USB jumper that could link output to input, that would be great also.

Do any of you have suggestions? It would be useful as well if I was watching a Youtube video and wanted to record only the audio.

Any suggestions?



Step one: If you had an older MBP, it didn’t have a Microphone Input. If it looked like this:

…like mine do, it had a Stereo Line-In and and Stereo Line-Out. They were direct mirror images of each other, and yes, the jumper cable worked as long as you didn’t need to hear the transfer while it was working. If you needed external monitoring, use a “Y” cable.

Thems days is gone.

Macs can Self-Record, but we have to do it with a software package called SoundFlower.


I am using Audacity 2.0.6 and downloaded it from the Audacity site as a .dmg.

Thanks for responding.


Now I’m confused. The forum link doesn’t work any more…



I think we have some broken links in the manual.

Try pulling down the top version — 1.6.6b That’s the one I’m using.


The download link to Soundflower changed after 2.0.6 was released. Soundflower is now hosted by Rogue Amoeba at Rogue Amoeba | Soundflower.

I updated the link in the online version of the Manual: Audacity Manual.

GoogleCode no longer allow downloads to be added, so to make sure you always have the latest Soundflower version it’s best to download from Rogue Amoeba | Soundflower.