Record from Behringer XENYX QX1202USB

Hi everyone,

I just set up my new Behringer QX1202USB.
I can get it work with my Arch linux 5.10.12 to play the output via ALSA drivers.
But I wonder how I can record from it?
I just turned off overdub and put the USB/2TR to Phones/Ctrl RM down and to main mix up as mentioned in some threads.
But while recording from USB Audio device, there is just a line and no output from the mixer.

Does anyone have an idea how to get that work?

Are you seeing a signal on the recording meter when you record?

Thank you for your answer steve!
No, there’s no signal at the meter.
I used the USB Audio Codec as input devie and set it to stereo, if it might be interesting.

This is the “Recording” tab of the PulseAudio Volume Control while I am recording with Audacity (below).
Please post a screenshot of yours.