Record from background?

Is it possible to set a keyboard shortcut so I can record audio in audacity from the background while using another program? Like F2 or something.

You can probably do that with Photoshop which doesn’t have sound. I’m betting you can’t combine two programs that have sound. There will be serious conflicts shortcut key or not.


I have recorded some audio in Audacity with a program using sound also running on my computer, and it worked fine. I can’t understand why it wouldn’t work.

How exactly would I set up Audacity so I can record from the background? The reason I ask is because I make videos of my computer sometimes, and it would make syncing audio a lot easier.

There are posts here every day by people whose PC lacks stereo mix, or it isn’t enabled.

Your terminology “record from the background” is hard to understand given you say you can record computer playback. I am guessing you mean “Can I press a button on my keyboard to record from Audacity without task switching away from my current application?”.

The answer is no, because Audacity doesn’t have “global shortcuts” that work whatever application has focus. It’s a feature request.

Most screen capture programs have an option to record the audio as well as the screen, for example HyperCam . This is obviously the best solution. There is no other simple solution without switching focus to Audacity.