Record audio silently (only use PFL / headphones)

Hi everyone,

I am able to record audio when I play this from my studio speakers via USB to my laptop however I would like to be able to record some mixes only when I listen to it using my headphones via PFL as I don’t want to disturb my flatmates when they are at home. Is this possible and how would I be able to set this up?

Behringer USB mixer
Two Audio Technics turntables

Thanks in advance!

So are you recording now with Windows WASAPI (loopback)? Using that method you “might” be able to still record even if you turn the speaker sound down to zero. Or put a plug in the speaker jack with nothing connected to it.

But you can set the Audacity recording device to the mixer (USB). Use Transport > Software Playthrough to send a delayed copy to the speakers (when you want that), with the speakers set as Audacity playback device. Otherwise turn Software Playthrough off.

What is the exact model number of the mixer? Is it a USB mixer, or analogue and you are also using a UCA 202 (USB)?


Thanks I will give that a try!!

I have a behringer USB vmx 300 ( - its not great but does the trick for home use!

I dont have a UCA 202 cable - how would that help me in this situation?

Thanks for the tips!!

The UCA 202 is sometimes bundled with Behringer analogue mixers that don’t have a USB connection.