Record audio but not the voice of screen reader (NVDA)

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m asking for a friend who can only use computer by using a screen reader (NVDA). He would like to record some radio transmissions so it would be easier to listen to afterwards without searching it later online. The problem is that by using the NVDA, audacity also records the voice of screen reader in the beginning (and end) of the recording.

We tried recording by choosing audio host: “Windows WASAPI.” and Recording device: computer’s default speakers or headphones.

Is there any way to not record the voice of the screen reader while capturing audio? Thank you so much in advance!

“Real” radio, or Internet radio via a web browser?
If you mean real radio, how is the radio connected to the computer?

Yea sry for bad description. i meant internet radio thru a web browser. So we would like to record the same computer audio that is coming through computer speakers.

Audacity can record audio that is coming out through the sound card, but it will record all sound that is coming out through the sound card.

If the computer has two sound cards / audio devices, then it is probably possible to configure NVDA to use one sound card, and Audacity to use the other (no I don’t know how to do that on Windows as I’m primarily a Linux user).
Otherwise, it will be necessary to mute NVDA while the recording is in progress.

Thank you so much for the answer. We will probably have to mute the screen reader for recording.

Note that a second sound card does not have to be prohibitive. I purchased a bluetooth headphone adapter for about $15-25.