Record a Video Conference

I am wanting to record the audio of a video conferencing application. Recording the local audio is easy. Recording the remote audio is the challenge. I have seen some info regarding the remote stream, but the problem is I need to be able to also hear the remote party using either a stand alone USB mic/spkr or a USB headset. Can I both listen to the remote stream and also record it? I am wanting to do this using a variety of PC’s. It would really be best if I could record the video and the local and remote audio into a single file. Can I do this at all? Is there an application (Audacity or other) that can do this? Would someone like to develop this for me?

Sure. We used to do this with a computer that logs into the conference but doesn’t have any people — or even in one case any camera or microphone. That machine records “What’s playing on the computer” which will be the audio and video of all the other people (basically the whole conference) and it doesn’t matter how many or where they are. I don’t remember if we used Camtasia or another application.

The production managers got tired of the clients changing their mind and claiming they were consistent all along. Sound familiar?

We looked into recording on the same machine doing the conference and the developers all called in sick. That’s a similar nightmare with trying to record both sides of a Skype call. If that’s a hard requirement, good luck with that.

Obviously leaving a cellphone Personal Recorder running on the table will work, too. Tune the distance between the speaker system and the live performers for good sound balance. Nowhere is it written you have to use only one, either. That tends to work better with quiet conference rooms.


I’m afraid all the ways to do this that I have involve separate machines. Conference systems are very highly tuned and balanced environments and don’t put up with very much messing about.


As with Skype, you want to use a video recording application that has its own built-in recordimg solution.


You are missing the point. I don’t want to use external hardware. I want a recording application or a way to set Audacity so that it will record the video screen and both sides of the audio using a PC. The video conferencing application I use does not have a record function.

You are missing the point.

I think we have the point exactly.

Audacity will not record video, so you will be in another application for that. Conferencing systems have critical audio management requirements and those designs make it super hard to record unless recording, capture or monitoring is built-in. Audacity tends to do what you found; record only one side. If you do force it to record both sides, real-time echo cancellation may crash.

What is the application? Mirial? There is ready software for Skype. Pamela does a good job there.


That’s what you need to fix.

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