Record a mix of the analogix table


I’m using Audacity, and I have to record a keyboard with an analogic table in the laptop. I connect the RCA wired to my laptop and the other end to the analogic table. When I put “start recording” it doesn’t record anything. I don’t know why don’t record and I search information to solve this problem, but I don’t find nothing.

What I have to record the mix of the analogic table to the laptop?

I hope that you can help me.


keyboard with an analogic table

Google has no idea what that is and neither do I.


What is the make and model number of the keyboard?

Audacity cannot record MIDI, so you must connect from an audio output of the keyboard, like headphones or AUX OUT, to the line-in of the computer.

Then you must choose the line-in input in Audacity’s Device Toolbar .

Is the “analogix table” part of the keyboard or connected to it? Is there a web site that describes this “table”? Does it play vinyl records?


The keyboard is Kawai mp6 ( )

I don’t connect with MIDI, I want to record the mix of the analogic table ( ) in my laptop with the RCA wired.
The keyboard is connected to the output in stereo.
I don’t know that it plays vinil.


Please say exactly what you are trying to do. Do you want to record a microphone plugged into the mixer while also recording your keyboard?

Or do you want to record only the keyboard, but you use the mixer because your computer does not have a line-in input (blue)?

What is the make and model number of the computer?


The “Soundcraft EPM6 Rack Mixer” would normally be called a “Mixer” or “Mixing Desk” or “Mixing Console”.

Does your laptop have a “Line in” connection? (many laptops have only a “mic input” which is not suitable for recording from a keyboard or a mixer).
Are you able to record the keyboard if you connect the “R, L/MONO OUTPUTS” from the keyboard directly to the “Line in” of your laptop?

For the question of Gale Andrews:

I have to record the keyboard throught the mixer. I use the mixer because sometimes I’m the mixer of groups and I would like to record the music. In this occasion I would like to record my keyboard to do a mix.
My laptop is Toshiba Satellite C55-A-1NV

For the question of Steve:

Sorry for the confusion, in my laptop are two line outs the microphone and the audio.


Some troubleshooting hints…

  • Try connecting the RCA outputs to something else, such as an amplifier, your home stereo, or even your TV to make sure you are getting a signal out of the mixer’s RCA outputs.

  • Try plugging something else into the computer, such as a CD player, or the analog audio from a DVD or Blu-Ray player to see if you can record anything.

  • Make sure you have selected the proper “line in” or “external mic” to record from. See [u]this page[/u].

  • If your laptop only has microphone-in you CAN still record from the keyboard or mixer, but the quality will probably be unacceptable, and you’ll probably get mono. (Do NOT connect the keyboard or mixer to line-out or headphone-out on the computer… It must connect to an input.)

  • If you need to add a line-input to your laptop the [u]Behringer UCA202[/u] is usually the least expensive solution. (There are lots of higher-end USB audio interfaces, but avoid regular “USB soundcards”, because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.)

    Your keyboard has a USB connection for recording directly to a USB Flash drive or a USB hard drive. You can then plug the USB drive into a computer and copy the WAV/MP3 file, or edit it with Audacity, etc.

There is also a USB MIDI port for connection to a computer. But Audacity is NOT a MIDI application. If you want to record and/or edit MIDI, you’ll need something else.

According to the C55 only has a microphone input. So unless it has an explicit method to change that input to a line-level input (look in the instructions that came with it), you need a USB sound card that has a line-in.


Okay, thanks for help me.