Recommended settings for exporting MP3 ?

I have some audios which I wish to export as MP3 but I’m not sure what settings to select in Audacity to give the best results?

The audios are just people talking with no music, apart from a short intro jingle. They need to be suitable for downloading and playing on a computer, MP3 player, or devices.

I’ve searched on Google for this topic, but I haven’t found any tutorials that agree on settings! Bit rate mode, quality etc., So would be grateful for any advice on this please. :slight_smile:

Using version 2.1.2 on Win 10

The correct settings are what sound good to you for the content you have. It is a tradeoff between file size and quality, so experiment. Get the quality of the music right, which will probably be the hardest part to encode.

Choose Constant Bit Rate for maximum compatibility, especially if the files are intended for other users.

There is some more information about what the different encoding options mean here: MP3 Export Options.


Thanks for the advice, and also the link. I wasn’t able to find info on what the various settings mean, so the resource you’ve provided is really helpful. :slight_smile:

Information in the later part of this post may be helpful for you:

Thank you, I appreciate the help. :slight_smile: