Recommended Buffer/Latency Setting for MacBook Pro M1Max

my computer is a 2021 16” Macbook Pro M1 Max with 16GB Memory running macOS 13.3.

my audio interface is an M-Audio Air 192/6.

i have two main project types…

  1. digitizing old music cassette tapes.
  2. small simple home voice & acoustic guitar recordings.

i’m new at all of this & seeking some advice on appropriate buffer & latency number settings.


The buffer setting really doesn’t matter unless you are getting dropouts while recording, or “clicky” recordings.
If there are no problems, leave it alone.

Latency only matters if you are doing overdubs.

thanks @billw58

if i do hear a click, which direction should i so with the number? the default buffer lenth is at 100.
the text in the link you provided says to take it down to 0 then come up in incriments of 10. does that mean if i leave it at its default 100 and hear a click, i should input 110 then?

One click at the start of a recording could be normal. The issue described in the link is when there are may clicks, and users describe the recording as “clicky”.

The advice is set it to zero, do a test recording. If clicks, move up to 10. Rinse and repeat.

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