Recommendations for a USB audio interface with RCA in/out

Hi, I’m new to forums so please forgive any inadvertent faux-pas… I’ve used Audacity for years to digitise self-recorded cassettes and the odd bit of vinyl. However, I need to replace an Edirol UA-1EX as the drivers are no longer available. I have bought a Behringer UFO202 but it doesn’t have an adjustable input, which means vinyl tends to peak when recording. I find that searches for ‘USB audio interfaces’ tend to bring back loads of things for musicians with midi or guitar inputs and not RCA’s. Can anyone recommend any products - thinking of the £70-£100 mark. Thanks in advance.
Macbook Air (Ventura 13.3).

I have the USB Phono Plus. (I haven’t actually used it yet… My phono preamp which I use with line-in on a regular soundcard, wasn’t working so I bought it and then I found a download of the album I wanted to digitize.)

Most higher-end audio interfaces have combination XLR/TS/TRS connectors and switchable mic/line (1) inputs are common, but phono inputs are not. You can use an RCA adapter for a line-level RCA connection.

(1) As you may know, XLR inputs are not compatible with “computer microphones”.

Thanks very much - just watched youtube video on the Phono Plus and it does seem to do what I want (and probably a lot more…). Many thanks.

thanks for this recommandation

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