Recommendation for 'Looping' shortcuts

Hi team,
Good to see you guys.

So from what I’ve gathered, the loop function functions as so:
L or Loop button : playback is looped.
and if selection is clear , selection is set as loop-selection.

Right-clicking on time-bar: Looping options. Clear selection; set selection, etc.
All that’s alright. Here’s the recommendation, if you guys are interested.

Just to clarify, unless I’m mistaken, the only way of resetting the loop selection is right-click, clear selection, or right-click, set selection.
Deactivating (L) the Looping function sometimes keeps the brackets up; even when you select something else and play that new selection.
That might be a bug.

Then reactivating (L) the looping shows those old brackets and plays the new selection. It’s a bit messy.
Hence the option to deactivate the looping selection with every L shortcut or Looper button click.

The shortcut for “Set Loop to Selection” is “Shift + L”.

Thanks Steve.