recognizing Focusrite Solo mixer, making stereo recordings

i am recording from my digital P515 yamaha. when plugged into my desktop[win10] the Solo showed up automatically in the microphone pulldown menu. when plugged into my laptop [also win10] it doesn’t. however going to window settings/sound it shows up and i select it and the sound bar moves when i play the piano. using Microsoft sound mapper however i can make a recording, but only mono.
my piano has stereo output, i’m using a TRS cable, the Solo has a TRS plug, and youtube shows Audacity being able to record stereo with a digital keyboard. so on both the desktop and laptop computers i cant get the stereo option to work. any ideas? [audacity 2.4.2]

The TRS input (input 2) on the Solo is a mono balanced input, not a stereo input. To record your keyboard in stereo with the Solo, you’d have to rig up adapters to connect one keyboard channel to the TRS input 2 and the other channel to the XLR input 1.