Recipe for "stairwell" effects needed for vocals.

HOWDY YA’LL, Beautiful Day here in Florida today, 70’s! Definitely beats Cleveland and Albany for sure. (Any Day).

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated… I am brand new to Audacity, and last week I put down vocals for a
song (Lyrics) that I wrote going through Atlanta during their rush hour traffic crawl. Anyway, I went all through the effects,
tweaking the echo, the speed, tempo, phaser, etc., until I got it just the way I need it before any instruments are applied.
Now, I would like to add the additional 12 lines and I forgot what effects I used. Since Audacity does not remember
“The History” after closing the program, I’m wondering if anyone may have a “recipe” to help re-create the effects leading
to the sound that I’m looking for. For right now, I’m trying to get the “STAIRWELL” sound by applying certain effects to the
vocal track. If any of you have ever been in a concrete/metal stairwell, you know what I’m looking for. Any idea of what
effects and settings may achieve this? Thanks, BON. :smiley:

Trying all the different permutations on multiple effects to exactly match what you did before could take an eternity. Quicker to re-record all the vocals (with the new 12 lines added) then apply “stairwell” effect. [a “stairwell” effect could be echo/delay followed by reverb(eration) ]. Save a copy (WAV format) of vocal without effects just in case you need to add more lines later.