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my problem:

a-jack out form smartphone
b-jack in into pc desktop (mic)
c-audacity 2.3.1 on Vista32 SP2 Home Premium with these settings:
(i.e. the one and only setting with the word “microphone”).
d-click Rec
e-click Stop
f- export audio (mp3)
g-the file has a lenght but no audio.

thanks for suggestions how to record from the phone.
PS: a lot years ago with audacity (on the same pc!) I was able to record very fine from an old portable cassette-corder (via jack) into a…mp3. I dont remember what I did.

thanks. best,

jack out form smartphone

We can start there. The jack on a smartphone isn’t for headphones. It’s for a headset, microphone and one or two earpieces. You can record that way, but you have to hit the right adapter.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 19.23.19.png
From the tip leftward: Left, Right, Microphone, Shield. Some systems reverse the Shield and Microphone. Consult your instructions. Your smartphone might have an adapter available specifically for this job.


I warmly thank you for your reply, much appreciated!
Oh yes…now I see…my jack has 2 black “stripes” while your has 3!
ok I will try to find a cable with two male jacks (out/in) as in your photo.

Thanks a lot.

I just purchased this cable:

I will try the record in the next days.

Bad news.
It does not work.
This very old task (jack out, jack in) does not work. I tried two different phones.
I tried all the settings, not only Realtech frontal jack in (Audacity crashed).
Surely we have jack out from phones (otherwise headphones would not work hehe), surely we have mic in (into the phone!) but mic in into the PC?


a-jack out form smartphone
b-jack in into pc desktop (mic)

If you have an audio file on your computer you should be able to copy that file to the computer digitally via USB. (If it’s in an “odd” format you may have to convert it before or after copying.) But, that’s really a “phone question” rather than a Audacity or computer question.

But if you must record, please tell us about your computer… Do you have a link to the specs? Does your computer have separate microphone and headphone jacks or a combo jack like the phone? Or, do you have a desktop tower computer with microphone, line-in, and speakers/headphone-out?

For best results you should be using a line-input. A headphone-level or line-level signal is about 100 times higher than a microphone signal. If you don’t have line-in on your computer there are a couple of suggestions for USB audio interfaces on [u]this page[/u].

I just purchased this cable:
untitled2 — Postimages

If your computer has a combo jack like the one on your phone that won’t work because you’ve connected the two microphone inputs together.

If your computer has a combo jack you need a [u]adapter cable[/u] to get a “regular” microphone connection.

Hi DVDdoug,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, via this cable
I am able to copy from phoe to pc via USB. Good, because the Bluetooth requires very very much time for trasferring data.

Regarding the recording (sounds from my phone) to an mp3 on my PC dektop or laptop there arised problems.
[[In addition I say that in the past I was able to record from an old audiotape to the same PC (!) via Audacity and a cable “mic in”…but…but…my God I dont remember what I did! I only can still see this mp3 of a 1980 tape on my PC :frowning: :frowning: ]].

a- The phone is exactly
b- The cable is, see previous post with photo. If needed I could order another cable.
c- The PC with a frontal 3.5 jack called “Mic in Realtech” is…hmmm my PC disappeared from the internet :wink:
I can say:
HP Pavilion Elite (KT459AA)
Intel Hight Def Audio 7.1
Realtech ALC 888S
Supports up to 8 audio channels
I add this

I have:
one rosa jack called >>Mic<< (I am using this one!) plus
one frontal USB for untitled23 — Postimages (but I simply removed the mic!) plus
one green jack called >>Headphones<<.
On the rear (its not easy to reach the rear panel of my PC!) is have 6 jacks called “Subwoofer” and so on…i.e. the 6 channles for the amplifier).

Yes, therefore I guess that my tower PC has a jack for Microphone and a separated jack for Headphones.
Therefore I was sure (?) that the audio coming from the samsung phone (jack out) may well reach the tower PC (= Audacity with the settings, see photo on the first post) with the purpose to “export” the (recorded) audio as mp3 file, thanks Audacity and the “mic in” female jack on PC.

In guess that the “line-in” suggested by you IS on my PC! i.e. the rosa 3.5 frontal jack, just bottom the green 3.5 jack called Headphones.

===== Important Addendum!!! ======
In the meantime I worte to Samsung Support:
I was replying to your questions while they just replied to me that

it is possible what to want but you are wrong with your cable, your cable has different “small feets” (NB. no idea how to translate the word “piedinatura” employed by Samsung Support); you need a “special cable” called:
standard CTIA with B-variation<<

hmmm hmmmm now I have to search if there exist exactly this required cable with >two male 3.5 “standard CTIA with B-variation” jacks<
(Oh my God!) :wink:
then I become a premiated engineer :slight_smile:)

At this point I think a “cable to a two-party cable”:

L/R/mass/Mic(=AUX) – from Samsung device


L/R (not to be used) + mic (to be used) = tower PC.

If you agree I start searching.

Or something like

Yes, via this cable
I am able to copy from phoe to pc via USB.

So you don’t need to record the analog audio?

On the rear (its not easy to reach the rear panel of my PC!) is have 6 jacks called “Subwoofer” and so on…i.e. the 6 channles for the amplifier).

Is there a blue line-in connection? That one should work and you should be able to use a regular 3-conductor TRS cable. Make sure to select line-in as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

(its not easy to reach the rear panel of my PC!)

If you can’t transfer digitally, It’s probably worth the trouble. You really should be using a line input.

Or, you can get an interface [u]like this[/u] with line inputs. That one has RCA connectors so you’d need a different cable/adapter. Most audio interfaces have either RCA, 1/4-inch phone jacks, or XLR jacks, so you’d need different cables/adapters whatever you get. (Don’t get a regular “USB soundcard” because they only have mic-in and headphone-out.)

Or something like

That’s for a different problem. That would allow you to connect headphones and record at the same time. Or, you could connect two sets of headphones so two people could listen at the same time, etc.

WOW DVDdoug!!!
you are Great!!! !!! !!!
all went FINE!!!

with the help of a mirror and a torch I was able in finding the blue line-in jack on the rear of the tower;
then I attached the one and only cable that I have now, I re-used this one:
On the phone I selected the “maximum multimedia volume output” and on PC here the settings (to be able to hear the Audacity file at 35% volume in MPC-HC: I guess that hearing at 35% is the optimum with headphones):
Audacity MIC at the middle range and then

Keeping in mind that the original file has been recorded by unknown at a higher volume level (MPC-HC playback at 25%) while this one at a lower one (MPC-HC at 35%), I am very happy in establishing that I am not noticing any quality decrease in comparing the files!
And two pieces (from a Dutch DVD 1989) with instruments from the lowest in pitch to the highest (80 players) has been recorded by Audacity…100% same as source; I was unable to find differencies between the just recorded file on PC and the live streaming on demand on the phone!

I WARMLY thank you!!!