REAPER ReaPlugs Not Saving Realtime Effect Settings When Program Closes

The problem I am having is with the realtime effects. I installed REAPER ReaPlugs primarily to use the ReaFIR subtract mode to remove noise as is noted/recommended on the plugin page. However, any effect I use from the ReaPlug set is reset whenever the Audacity window is closed.

After reopening rhe effect is still on the list of realtime effects that will be applied to the audio but the settings are returned to the default settings or completely blank.

I was going to use reafir_standalone for noise removal. This invoices selecting the noise profile in subtract mode. Whenever the program window is closed and reopened, reafir_standalone reverts back to it default settings which is an EQ mode and it has forgotten the noise profile. I was also using ReaJS plugin for two things. I was using the utility/volume plugin and the loser/MGA_JSLimiter. Both are completely blank when the program windows is closed and reopened even though I have saved the project just before closing.

This problem does not seem to affect other realtime effects, just the REAPER ReaPlugs.

I am using Audacity 3.3.3 on Windows 11 (x64). The ReaPlugs installer is titled reaplugs236_x64-install.exe.

I am not sure if this is an Audacity or REAPER problem.

It also occurs with the “legacy” 64-bit Toneboosters V3 plugins.
[Think yourself lucky if Audcaity3 applies VST plugin effects with your settings, rather than the default settings].

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