Realtime effects don´t open

Hi, i have downloaded the realtime effects MFreeFXBundle on my PC , but they don´t appear when I click on the add effect button.
What could be wrong? Thanks

Hi. You could open the Manage Plugins window (Tools menu - Plugin Manager option) and scroll down until you find the M letter and see if the plugins appear there (Like MAutopan, MAutoPitch, etc) and are Enabled.

If they don’t appear try to use the Rescan button in that same window.

Realtime effects require VST3 plugins so make sure you installed the VST3 version of the plugins.

Remember that 32-bit VST plugins will work on Audacity 32-bit versions and 64-bit VSTs will work on 64-bit versions of Audacity.

Hope this helps.
Melda Realtime Effects.png

Had the same trouble, your procedure fixed it, thanks.