Realtime Effect - Tempo Modulation (without changing pitch)

I use the playback speed adjustment slider all the time, but it would be a tremendous help to my workflow if I could use a realtime speed adjustment that doesn’t affect pitch (e.g. for spoken word so we don’t sound like the Chipmunks).

In Foobar2000, I use one regularly and it does a bang-up job (foobar2000: Components Repository - Effect DSP).

I thought with the newly added support of realtime effects that the built-in Audacity “Change tempo…” effect would be within reach, but I understand now that the Audacity effects are not realtime capable.

Is there a realtime (VST2, VST3?) effect that anyone is using out there that is Audacity-friendly?

Is there any plan to include support for all of the Audacity effects to be realtime-capable?


I noticed in the latest release video on YouTube that the demo showed a bunch of different realtime effects that they had installed. I was wondering what was within the “Audacity” folder.

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