Realtime audio compression for windowa

Is anyone aware of a software package for Windows that compresses voice in real time? It is maddening to listen to a podcast or interview with an announcer with the voice of a Bull Moose and a guest with the voice of a Lady Mouse.
I don’t think one Software guy in a hundred has ever heard of either DB’s or VU’s.
Thank you.
Jay (an old vacuum tube guy)

Windows has “Windows Enhancements” which has a selection of tricks, filters, and effects. I think auto leveling for communications is in there.

There maybe something for you.

Audacity gets its sound from Windows, not the interface or microphone.


aka “Loudness equalization” …

[There may also be a real-time equalizer in the enhancement list,
using it to boost the treble may help make “Lady mouse” clearer ].

Thank you for the responses. It appears Audacity does not support MP3 or MP4 file types that are usually used to this type of audio. Also, I am very familiar with Fletcher and Munsons 1933 paper on loudness. If you are not, the paper and curves are on the web. Jay

There is Loudness Equalization for Windows. It usually doesn’t install and has to be done after Win is up. Instructions are on the web and work. So does the software audio driver update. It solved the problem of multiple speakers of different audio volume. Thanks all for the help.

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