Realtek tip hints solutions problems securityhole

i googled (google can be your friend)

lots of complaints about audio on win7 and vista
a few on xp but they seem more realtek oriented

IF the tip you need is not below
try googling with specifics of your problem and system info
(use the little “i” at the bottom of the realtek page for your driver codec etc)

use xp not vista or win7 if you can
if you must use son_of_bob or his cousin
make sure you have the right drivers

no matter what you are using
dl the latest realtek drivers!!!

Use your pc mfgr eg dell
or the realtek site
squidoo below has links to dls too

use the realtek control page to set everything
echo everything on every ms control page too
max all volumes and unmute all not in use in those panels
then use audacity to control what you do


Microsoft is aware of problems with Realtek’s audio software. … is applied and Windows may display an error message, the company said. … has spotted hundreds of Web sites that try to use the bug to compromise PCs, …


Click to launch the Audio Wizard at their page

General Information:

  • Determine your board’s audio solution
  • Determine your audio driver version
  • Where to find the latest audio drivers
  • Audio standards: AC’97 and HD audio
  • Audio control software
  • CD-IN connector no longer required
  • Using S/PDIF (Optical)
  • Configuring 2-Channel audio
  • Configuring 6-Channel audio
  • Configuring 8-Channel audio
  • Configuring front panel audio
  • Installing add-in audio cards
  • 32-bit playback and recording
  • Enabling multistreaming playback


  • Audio drivers fail to install
  • Some speakers don’t play
  • No sound output to speakers or headphones
  • Sound is distorted or scratchy
  • Microphone does not work
  • Problems with Intel® Audio Studio in Windows* 2000
  • Audio driver installation issue with Windows* XP 64-Bit Edition
  • AC’97 front panel audio does not work with onboard HD audio
  • Audio does not work with Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Determine Your Board’s Audio Solution
Intel® Desktop Boards use one of three audio solutions, depending on desktop board model:

  • Realtek*
  • IDT* (formerly Sigmatel*)
  • ADI* (SoundMAX*)


Problem: You don’t have any sound coming out of your speakers or headphones? Think you might have a problem with your Realtek HD audio driver?
Are you getting an error message that says: Realtek High Definition Audio driver is corrupt or missing:
"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
No sound and using Realtek drivers on Windows Vista, XP or Windows 7 machine?
Find out what to do below…

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your problem has probably been solved already
google with details to see